ME 310 Thermo Fluid System Design

Course Plan:

How to select right fluid for shell and tube side:                                                                 


Hairpin Heat Exchanger :  A hairpin heat exchanger is a single-pass shell-and-tube unit that has been folded in half to give it a hairpin appearance. Advantages : It allows removable tube bundle, accommodate thermal expansion without requiring expansion or packed joints, high pressure closures for pressures up to 10,000 psi, because of U-tube construction expensive joints are not required.

Frictional Pressure Drop :    Pressure Drop is the difference of total pressure between two points in pipe network. For the fluids circulating in the tube side of a heat exchanger pressure drop consists of – (i) The pressure drop along the tubes (ii) The pressure drop owing to the change in direction in the exchanger heads ( in the multipass heat exchanger). High flow velocities can create higher pressure drops across a pipe system.

Shell Side Pressure Drop = pressure drop in the cross flow section +pressure drop in an end cross flow section +pressure drop in a window section+pressure drop in both inlet and outlet heat exchanger nozzles . Note that, Pressure drop in shell side becomes complex due to Leakage stream which can modify the main stream of shell side. 

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