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Theory Courses Offered:  (Hand Notes)

ME 171 : Computer Programming Language

ME 165 : Basic Mechanical Engineering

ME 267 : Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals

Lab Courses Offered:       

ME 310 Thermo Fluid System Design                                                                        

ME 366 Electro-Mechanical System Design and Practices

ME-422 Fluid Machinery Sessional

ME 160 Mechanical Engineering Drawing-I

ME 326 : Fluid Mechanics Sessional

ME 420: Steam and Power Plant Sessional

ME 306 : Heat Transfer Sessional

ME 244 Mechanics of Solid Sessional

ME 172 Introduction to C Programming Language 

ME 204 Engineering Themodynamics Sessional

ME 304 Heat and Mass Transfer Sessional

ME 324 Fluid Mechanics Sessional II

ME 404 Steam Laboratories Sessional

ME 418 Heat Engine Sessional