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According to the ASHRAE standard, safe level of CO is 9 ppm for prolonged exposure.  According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maximum exposure of CO for 8 hours working day is 35 ppm. Death can occur within 2-3 hours with a concentration of 800 ppm and within 2-3 minutes for 12800 ppm.  But in our study peak CO concentration is more than 60000 ppm. The simulation by which we get 60000 ppm had been carried out from fire of stack of polyester jacket storage units with a maximum input heat release rate per unit area (HRRPUA) of 1500kw/m2 over a 50m2 area. It indicates that how severe real situation is. Because in real garment and textile industry can have cloth stocks larger than 50 m2. So preventive measures is must to save life of people as we know smoke is more dangerous than the fire itself. In most of the fire incidents people were killed due to inhalation of smoke. Our study shows the propagation behavior of CO smoke and different ways to reduce the propagation.

Publication: Modeling of fire smoke movement in multizone garments building using two open source platforms